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Rock Songs latest updated lists:

  1. Imagine Dragons.Mp3 - Thunder - AxomLive
  2. Portugal. The Man.Mp3 - Feel It Still - AxomLive
  3. Imagine Dragons.Mp3 - Believer - AxomLive
  4. The Revivalists.Mp3 - Wish I Knew You - AxomLive
  5. WALK THE MOON.Mp3 - One Foot - AxomLive
  6. Theory Of A Deadman.Mp3 - Rx (Medicate) - AxomLive
  7. Thirty Seconds To Mars.Mp3 - Walk On Water - AxomLive
  8. AC/DC.Mp3 - Thunderstruck - AxomLive
  9. Imagine Dragons.Mp3 - Whatever It Takes - AxomLive
  10. The Lumineers.Mp3 - Angela - AxomLive
  11. Gary Clark Jr..Mp3 - Come Together - AxomLive
  12. Alice Merton.Mp3 - No Roots - AxomLive
  13. Led Zeppelin.Mp3 - Immigrant Song - AxomLive
  14. Foo Fighters.Mp3 - The Sky Is A Neighborhood - AxomLive
  15. Beck.Mp3 - Up All Night - AxomLive
  16. AC/DC.Mp3 - Back In Black - AxomLive
  17. Vance Joy.Mp3 - Lay It On Me - AxomLive
  18. U2.Mp3 - You're The Best Thing About Me - AxomLive
  19. AC/DC.Mp3 - You Shook Me All Night Long - AxomLive
  20. Linkin Park.Mp3 - One More Light - AxomLive
  21. AC/DC.Mp3 - Highway To Hell - AxomLive
  22. Foster The People.Mp3 - Sit Next To Me - AxomLive
  23. Fall Out Boy.Mp3 - Hold Me Tight Or Don't - AxomLive
  24. Nothing More.Mp3 - Go To War - AxomLive
  25. The Killers.Mp3 - The Man - AxomLive

Rock music is a sort of mainstream music that started as “rock and move” in the United States in the 1950s, and formed into a scope of distinctive styles in the 1960s and later, especially in the United Kingdom and the United States. It has its roots in 1940s’ and 1950s’ rock and move, itself intensely affected by soul, mood and soul and down home music. Rock music additionally drew emphatically on various different types, for example, electric soul and people, and consolidated impacts from jazz, traditional and other musical sources.

Musically, shake has focused on the electric guitar, for the most part as a major aspect of a stone gathering with electric low pitch guitar and drums. Commonly, shake is tune based music more often than not with a 4/4 time signature utilizing a verse-tune structure, yet the class has turned out to be amazingly differing. Like popular music, verses regularly stretch sentimental love additionally address a wide assortment of different topics that are every now and again social or political in accentuation. The predominance of rock by white, male performers has been seen as one of the key elements forming the subjects investigated in rock music. Rock puts a higher level of accentuation on musicianship, live execution, and a philosophy of credibility than popular music.

By the late 1960s, alluded to as the “brilliant age” or “exemplary rock” period, various unmistakable rock music subgenres had risen, including half breeds like soul rock, society rock, nation rock, raga shake, and jazz-rock combination, a hefty portion of which added to the advancement of hallucinogenic rock, which was affected by the countercultural hallucinogenic scene. New sorts that rose up out of this scene included dynamic rock, which expanded the aesthetic components; glitz rock, which highlighted dramatic skill and visual style; and the differing and persisting subgenre of overwhelming metal, which underlined volume, control, and speed. In the second 50% of the 1970s, punk rock responded against the apparent exaggerated, inauthentic and excessively standard parts of these sorts to create a stripped-down, fiery type of music esteeming crude expression and regularly expressively described by social and political scrutinizes. Punk was an impact into the 1980s on the consequent advancement of different subgenres, including new wave, post-punk and in the long run the option rock development. From the 1990s option rock started to rule rock music and break through into the standard as grunge, Britpop, and outside the box rock. Further combination subgenres have subsequent to rose, including pop punk, rap shake, and rap metal, and in addition cognizant endeavors to return to shake’s history, including the carport rock/post-punk and synthpop restorations toward the start of the new thousand years.