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At Axomlive, you will find all Bollywood songs from the golden era to recent releases completely FREE. Harboring millions of movie songs is one aspect that makes the site explicit but featuring different version of every song is what places the site one step ahead. For instance, in the search bar, if you enter the song name ‘Din Dhal Jaaye,’ from the movie Guide, the result page may get you carried away. The page would display options with the original singer (M. Rafi) along with fusion, karaoke, instrumental and restyled versions. If you are passionate about a particular song, you might want to listen to all the versions. Probably you might end-up downloading the restyled one/s as well. You just need to enter the name of the song in the search bar and let the magic happen. Now, let’s see what makes Bollywood songs so special.

Bollywood songs have continued to rule our hearts since decades. You will find the Bollywood music playing everywhere. The adoration of Bollywood songs is now not limited just to the country. Singers and contestants from all over the world have been seen following and performing on Hindi songs. The history of Bollywood music dates back to 1931 when the first sound film was released. The movie was Alam Ara, featuring 7 songs. This trend was followed by the movie Shireen Farhad with 42 arrays of songs. With the passage of time, the Bollywood music industry experienced drastic changes. Evidently, the songs still continue to be an indispensable slice of the Hindi movies. Now, the song sequence has been limited to 6-7 songs in a movie.

Drastic changes have been seen in the song compositions, which have elegantly adapted according to the changing era. Influenced by the trending traditions, the music culture embraced every single inch of the market trend. Starting from the golden era to the jet age, the songs have continued to impact the lives of a common man. You will find the songs playing on radio, TV, Internet, bus-stand, platforms, shopping malls, stadiums, restrooms and wherever possible.

Now days, it is not a thumb rule that a Hindi movie can feature only Hindi songs, what we can now term as ‘thinking out of the box.’ The lyricists can fuse any language like English, Punjabi, Bengali, Persian, Urdu, Assamese, Telgu Gujarati and many more. There are more than 1652 languages spoken in India. So, the lyricists have an ever-ending ocean to scribble from and showcase their creativity. The music has played a key role in uniting the people across the country underlining that ‘music has no language.’ Interestingly, now you may see a North-Indian dancing on the tunes of South-Indian music and an East-Indian dancing on the tunes of North-Indian numbers and sometimes the whole nation rocking on one song. Axomlive finds this bonding plausible! Therefore, we decided to provide one platform for all the songs.

On Axomlive, you can download unlimited songs free of charge. We are committed to provide non-stop entertainment to you. We have a dedicated team of site developers who are constantly researching to make this site more convenient for every user. In addition, we have a committed team who keeps an eagle eye on all the upcoming music releases. Therefore, the site gets uplifted and upgraded regularly. Stay tuned-in to Axomlive and keep rocking!

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